Physical vapor deposition(PVD) has come to attetion for tribological applications in this decadedue to the incorporation of substrate biasing and effective ionization mechanism. For innovative applications in fabrication, aerospace, petrochemical, food processing, medical, electronic and other critical industries,
proudly introduces two lines of engineering service, Cathodic Arc Evaporation and Unblanced Magnetron Sputtering, to provide improved oxidation, wear, friction, and lubrication properties to cutting tools and engineering components. Characterized by its ultra-thin thickness, superior adhesion to substrate surfaces, combination of hardness and toughness, and the capability to deposit at substrate temperatures below 200│J, 's advanced thin film technologiesare the guarantee for accuracy, quality, productivity, and durability.

Surface hardness of most high speed and mold steels can be improved 3 to 5 times by applying advanced PVDnitride of carbonitride thin films without imparing tolerance and quality of the underlying tools.
Sticking and welding between forming dies and parts can be substantially reduced applying metal nitrides(TiN, CrN) and lubricating thin films(DLC,MoS2)to working surfaces of molds and dies.
Higher feed rates and production rates can be achieved due to the wear and heat resistant nature of metal nitridethin films. Lower tooling inventories are also anticipated due to less production down times
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Titanium nitrides, titanium carbonitrides, chromium nitrides, titanium aluminum nitrides, and DLC have been deposited regularly to cuttion tools, forming dies, and various engineering components by means 's cathodic arc evaporation and unbalanced magnetron sputtering systems. Through intensive R & D efforts, potential applications of advanced tribological thin films in transportation, aerospace, medical, and food processing industries are under development.
's is committed to deliver the most innovative and cost effective surface enhancement technology and service to our customers.

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